5.20.2017 Make a simple Image Zoomer in 5 minutes!

Zooming is kind of fun! Here is a 5 minute image zoom tutorial with mouse scroll fun!

6.22.2016 How to detect Mouse Events outside your Form

Form design for Systemwide mouse event capture in Free Pascal, Lazarus
In this article we find out what the user is doing with his mouse, even outside of the program. Let's conquer the whole system!

4.25.2016 How to Make a Text Scroller Animation

At the end of a movie or in our application, we could use some text scrolling fun! But how to do that? Let's see...

9.16.2015 Create a web browser in 3 minutes using Chromium engine! (fpCEF3)

We'll learn how to create a web browser even quicker than you can install one! All using the people's favorite chromium engine!

7.19.2015 How to make a Simple Dictionary in 5 Minutes!

Dictionary is one of the fun challenges of programming. Learn how to make a dictionary in this quick tutorial.

6.25.2015 10 Things you did not know about Lazarus

In this useful article we see some of the less known but handy tools or features that Lazarus has

5.05.2015 How to Create Components on Runtime

Creating components on runtime on exe
The good thing about programming is that you can do almost anything you wish. Even create components out of thin air!

4.07.2015 Lazarus 1.4 RC3 is available and why you should test it

Lazarus 1.4 RC3 has been released. There are a lots of awaited updates and fixes. See how much Lazarus has evolved.

1.12.2015 Everything about using 2 forms... or more!

Multiple forms in Lazarus IDE
We love forms, right? So why have only one? Why not two?! Let's learn how to create multiple forms, manage them and use them as dialog boxes.

11.18.2014 Find out the smallest number from two numbers

minimum number between two numbers in Lazarus, Free Pascal
This is usually a very basic task for beginner programmers. Find out the smaller from two numbers.
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